Monday, May 14, 2018

3 Branding Secrets for Ecommerce Success on Amazon

3 Branding Secrets for Ecommerce Success on Amazon

When was the last time you purchased something from Amazon? If you are anything like me and most Americans, it probably wasn't very long ago. In fact, in certain cities, you can have products delivered to your front door within hours of placing the order. Amazon has become the "everything store" that everyone knows and trusts, so using the platform to sell is a must for most ecommerce stores.

Selling on Amazon has become a popular hustle, but with so many companies competing in a crowded market, how do you stand out? How do you compete with multimillion-dollar ecommerce empires and build a successful business through Amazon? I'm a big believer in asking those with situational knowledge for help, so I asked Damian Prosalendis, a Fulfillment By Amazon expert and renowned consultant for Amazon stores, what he thought about the secrets to Amazon excellence. His answer was simple: The key lies in your branding -- the image you portray that (hopefully) people learn to recognize and trust. Here are a few tips on building a strong brand to drive success on Amazon, straight from an Amazon pro.

Why brands are so important

What is important to consumers today? They value visibility, quality, trust, credibility and customer experience. Today's consumers care more than ever about where they invest their dollar; they are picky. Most people will choose a brand they trust over a lower priced item from a brand they don't know or don't trust. That's why your brand is one of your most valuable assets as a business owner.

Without branding, companies selling products can only compete on price. You will be forced to compete with big brands by decreasing your profit margins. Even at that lower price, your product may not sell. Shoppers reward authentic and credible brands by choosing their products over the other options, regardless of price...


by Idham Azhari


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