Thursday, March 22, 2018

Can I Tell An Employee I Want Her To Quit?

Can I Tell An Employee I Want Her To Quit?

Dear Liz,

I run an Alumni Services department for a large university. There are thirteen people on our team.

Last year I hired a Director-level person who has a ton of experience. However, "Margo" is struggling in her job and not meeting my expectations, or, I suspect, her own.

At first Margo was full of ideas but within a few weeks she was overwhelmed with her daily work, which is honestly not very taxing.

Two people in our department had Margo's job before Margo arrived. They were both able to handle their daily work easily and take on special projects as well. They sought out extra work, in fact. Both of these employees told me that if anything, the workload in their previous job (Margo's current job) was on the light side...


by Idham Azhari


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