Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ask These Questions to Ace the Job Interview

Ask These Questions to Ace the Job Interview

Once you get an interview, the chance you'll be assessed properly is remote. You can improve your odds 5-10X by asking "forced-choice turn-around" questions. For example, if the manager is asking a random problem-solving question a candidate can ask something like, "Can you tell me how this technical skill will be used on the job? Once I understand this I can give you some examples of how I've handled similar problems."

To successfully handle these types of potential situations, interviewees need to be aware that when they're not being interviewed properly. Keep a look out for these clues:

The interviewer is clearly not prepared and asks a bunch of unrelated questions in rapid fire. The lack of follow-up questioning to clarify the candidate's answer is a further indication the person has no idea how to interview...


by Idham Azhari


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