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An Overlooked But Decisive Factor In Landing The Job You Want -- And Ten Ways To Demonstrate It

An Overlooked But Decisive Factor In Landing The Job You Want -- And Ten Ways To Demonstrate It

In my 20+ years of recruiting, I have seen many job search issues where employers have differing opinions – can resumes be longer than one page, are cover letters needed, can you overcome a rocky start to an interview. On most issues, you will find some employers passionately with one opinion and other employers just as passionate about the opposite opinion.

However, there is one issue where I have only seen employers come down on one side of the divide, and it is regarding this choice: Would you rather hire 1) the more qualified but lukewarm candidate; or 2) the still qualified, though less qualified, candidate who is more enthusiastic about the role? In all my years of recruiting, I have always seen employers pick Candidate 2, the enthusiastic candidate

Enthusiasm for the job is often overlooked as a competitive advantage, but it is a decisive factor in landing the job you want. Do not assume that just because you show up for rounds of interviews that this means you're adequately demonstrating enthusiasm for the role – employers know that some candidates take interviews just to hear about the market. Do not play coy with an employer and pretend you don't want the role, thinking this makes you more desirable – this often backfires and makes employers feel like you're wasting their time.

Instead, show your enthusiasm, well, enthusiastically. Don't be shy about telling an employer how excited you are at the prospect of working together. Don't forget to state your enthusiasm in each interview – do not assume that just because you told one interviewer, the others will definitely hear about it. Don't let your energy wane as you get further into the process – you should be even more enthusiastic after meeting more people and learning more.

Unsure if you're displaying the appropriate enthusiasm in your job interviews? Here are ten actions to demonstrate enthusiasm during your hiring process:

State your enthusiasm plainly

You might think you're visibly enthusiastic, or indirectly enthusiastic given your time investment. But saying outright that you're excited to work together or to continue on in the process ensures that the employer, not only sees and senses your enthusiasm, but hears it outright...



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