Monday, October 23, 2017

Understanding Your Core Values - A Key to an Authentic YOU

I was chatting with a colleague from our legal team, and he made a remark that he was "learned." This is how the legal counselors refer to each other when they're in a jovial mood.

I answered back and said auditors are the most ethical professionals. Although intended as a joke, I believe that, as auditors, we ought to understand our core values in order to provide quality service to our stakeholders. I asked myself what values resonate with being ethical. Before I Googled the values that resonate with acting in an ethical manner, I decided to test myself. I Googled a good resource on what values are and took a journey of discovery. I found a good piece written by MindTools, and then decided to select my top 10 values. The process was iterative, and I had to go through several rounds to come close to what I classified as my top 10 values. At first, I selected more than 10. To narrow the list to 10, I had to deal with the following challenges...

by Idham Azhari


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