Friday, October 20, 2017

Design Your Career Destiny So It Doesn’t Happen by Default

Design Your Career Destiny So It Doesn't Happen by Default

I was honored to present the keynote session at last week's Women's Forum for the ISACA Chicago Chapter. Here I share a few salient points from the daylong event that will resonate for women (and men) focusing on designing their professional lives so they don't happen by default.

Manage up. Don't assume your boss knows what a rock star you are at work. Your boss is busy doing his or her own job. Unless you are causing a problem, your boss may not notice all the great work you are doing the other 11 months of the year beyond your annual performance review. Send your boss a brief monthly email with a punch list of what you accomplished and your stretch goals. It's a great way to keep your boss informed regularly about your ROI. If you supervise others, be sure to teach them how to manage up to you! ..


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