Friday, December 18, 2015

CISSP Exam Preparation (Question 326)

(326) A "critical application" is one that MUST

A. Remain operational for the organization to survive.
B. Be subject to continual program maintenance.
C. Undergo continual risk assessments.
D. Be constantly monitored by operations management.

Correct Answer: A

Section: (none)



I am assuming that I don't need to put a reference for this answer. Yeah ok here it is but I cheated and used a earlier reference "A BIA is performed at the beginning of disaster recovery and continuity planning to identify the areas that would suffer the greatest financial or operational loss in the event of a disaster or disruption. It identifies the company's critical systems needed for survival and estimates the outage time that can be tolerated by the company as a result of disaster or disruption." - Shon Harris All-in-one CISSP Certification Guide pg 597

- Idham Azhari

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