Thursday, October 25, 2012

Data Loss Prevention

Information that resides on laptops, on shared file servers, on portals, or in document management systems may be putting organizations at risk. Huge volumes of information—terabytes and even petabytes today—must be protected. This is especially difficult because sensitive information isn’t always properly labeled. Additionally, in most organizations, there is no way to know or verify whether sensitive data may be at risk or to know where it has proliferated to—even with access controls in place. Making matters more complicated, sensitive data typically consists of intellectual property assets that are harder to define than fixed data like credit card or Social Security numbers

Penggalan paragraf diatas diambil dari salah satu penyedia layanan solusi ‘Information Security’, yaitu McAfee.

Solusi yang diharapkan adalah menggunakan suatu layanan produk yang biasanya disebut sebagai ‘Data Loss Protection’. Data Loss Protection merupakan suatu solusi produk untuk ‘Data Loss Prevention’.

Jadi apa itu Data Loss Prevention. Data Loss Prevention is:
  1. to control how users send, access, and print sensitive data at the endpoint, through applications, and onto storage devices: email, webmail, peer-to-peer applications, IM, Skype, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, WiFi, USB, CD, DVD, printers, fax, and removable storage.
  2. to stop confidential data loss initiated by Trojans, worms, and file-sharing applications that hijack employee credentials.
  3. to protect all data, formats, and derivatives, even when data is modified, copied, pasted, compressed, or encrypted – without disrupting day-to-day activities.

 -muhammad idham azhari-

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